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Susan Smoot

Artist Statement
My inspiration for painting comes from the natural world and my surroundings in North Carolina. I get enjoyment from seeing beautiful trees in sunlight and shadow, their foliage moving to form shapes that catch my eye. Water, mountains, birds, gardens – all are so common, but strike me as lovely and in need of being cherished. Even vegetables, fields and clouds speak to me in a way that compels me to paint them in an attempt to convey their unique qualities. My wish is for the attractive qualities I perceive in the everyday scenes be communicated to and enjoyed by the viewer.

Since I was a child I always determined I would be an artist when I grow up. My parents were able teachers of making things – from clothing to houses, I learned to sew, build, and create what I desired. I’ve never wished to be anything other than an artist. My degree is in Painting from Appalachian State University. Over my career, I have pursued many avenues of expressing my creative talents. I have studied several media at the Sawtooth Center for Visual Design and even taught children’s art classes there. I’ve been privileged to study with a number of gifted artists. There are very few visual arts and fine crafts I have not explored. Even so it seems I always come back to my defining passion: painting. I am first a painter.

Artworks Exhibits:April 2019 October 2018


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