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Artworks Gallery Members
Click on an underlined name to get a page about that artist, including contact information and links to Artworks shows.

President - Jessica Tefft
Vice-President/New Member chair - Mary Beth Blackwell-Chapman
Secretary - Barbara Rizza Mellin
Treasurer - Mona Wu
Hanging co-chairs - Lea Lackey-Zachmann, Alix Hitchcock
Public Relations - Kimberly Varnadoe

Marion Adams
Woodie Anderson
Mary Beth Blackwell-Chapman
Owens Daniels
Chris Flory
Mike Foley
Jim Gemma
Don Green
Kara Hammond
Ted Hill
Alix Hitchcock
Dean Johnson
Lea Lackey-Zachmann
Nanu LaRosee
Barbara Rizza Mellin
Seth Moskowitz
Diane Nations
Beverly Noyes
Betti Pettinati-Longinotti
Mitzi Shewmake
Susan Smoot
Jessica Tefft
Kimberly Varnadoe
Mona Wu

ARTWORKS - Associate Members
Pervis Heyat
Kate Magruder


Information for Prospective Members (PDF)



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