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Dean Roland Johnson, “Floral Illustration II”  and Owens Daniels, “Winston Salem Dance Project Reboot”

Exhibition dates:  June 7th- 29th 2019
Reception: Sunday, June 9, 2 - 4 pm
Open for Gallery Hop: Friday, June 7, 7 - 10 pm

Dean Roland Johnson is continuing his exploration of flowers, which come in innumerable shapes, sizes and colors and present themselves as beautiful opportunities for visual expression. He treats each flower individually to capture its unique characteristics. He loves flowers for their innate and immortal beauty and their ability to imbue the ordinary with mystery and passion.

  Dean Roland Johnson has been painting with passion since childhood. While his professional journey has taken many different paths, the common thread has been all things Visual. At this stage in his life he is fully committed to Art—whether creating it or sharing his Passion for it with others. Noted author Jim Dodson has written a feature story about Dean's journey in the Spring 2019 issue of Seasons Magazine.


Also experience, explore and enjoy visual artist / photographer Owens O. Daniels exhibition, “Winston Salem Dance Project Reboot” WSDP Beautiful, Passionate and Powerful: This exhibition highlights several inspirational artworks of dance styles of students from  UNCSA drama and dance departments. This project was conceived from the ideal that dance and art can coexist and communicate a common language that we all can understand. Owens O. Daniels is a visual artist and photographer and face behind ODP Art and Design, Innovative, Creative and Larger Than Life visual artist/photographer with a distinctive, decisive and intimate signature photojournalistic style specializing in communicating life’s experiences through art. 

Attached Images:
Dean Roland Johnson, “Cone Flower”, Oil on Canvas
Dean Roland Johnson, “Magical”, Oil on Canvas
Owens Daniels, Winston Salem Dance Project Reboot”, photography

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