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Artworks Gallery is an artist-run cooperative gallery located in Winston-Salem's downtown art district since 1984. The Gallery is committed to offering local artists of all media a creative and responsive environment in which to exhibit and sell their work. There are usually from twenty to twenty-five members.

The Gallery is located in a large and versatile exhibition space in the Ron Propst Studio Building which is on the corner of Trade and Sixth streets and includes the studios and shops of painters, potters, photographers, calligraphers, and sculptors.

Artworks Gallery provides increased exposure for each artist member's work, networking with other artists, and an opportunity for the artist members to learn skills involved in running a gallery.

The Gallery exhibits individual and group shows of its members' work every five to six weeks throughout the year, which are free and open to the public.

Artworks Gallery controls all policies concerning the management of the gallery. Monthly meetings are held to discuss the direction of the gallery and to exchange information and ideas. Prospective members are juried by the current membership at its monthly meetings. For information about becoming a member, contact the Gallery at 336-723-5890. You can also download Information for Prospective Members (PDF).

Members pay monthly gallery dues and share in its operation. The Gallery takes a commission, determined by the membership, on all work sold through the gallery, and the artists have control of the number of works exhibited and their installation.

Volunteers are a vital part of Artworks. They help with Gallery operations, receptions, communications, and just about anything else as well. To become a volunteer, please contact the Gallery at 336-723-5890.

An article in the Winston-Salem Journal on the occasion of the Gallery's fifteenth anniversary exhibition in 1999 explained that: "Since Artworks Gallery opened its doors, it has been a constant presence in the art-based commercial district that has grown up around Sixth and Trade Streets."

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