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Seth Moscowitz

Seth Moskowitz was born and raised in New York City and moved to Winston-Salem in 1979 after two years in the nation's capital, working at the Washington Post. He spent three years as a reporter and columnist for the Winston-Salem Journal before joining the public relations department at R.J. Reynolds Industries in 1982.  His career with Reynolds has included a two-year assignment in Santa Fe, N.M., and he is currently director of communications for RAI Services Company.
In his youth and through his teens, Moskowitz channeled his creative energies primarily into writing poetry, music and contemporary folk songs. In 2005, while taking an "Artist's Way" course that he hoped would re-energize his interest in creative writing, he discovered a long-hidden passion for playing with photographic images.
“The images I create begin as photographs, but few bear much resemblance to photography when I’m through," Moskowitz says. "I am not interested in producing pictures that mirror what I see.  Rather, I love to layer and alter and play with images – and watch with wonder as the interplay of shape, texture, color and form transforms itself into an emotional vignette that speaks to the viewer in a language beyond words.”
Moskowitz is a member of Artworks Gallery, Associated Artists of Winston-Salem and The Muddy River Art Association. His work has appeared in national juried art exhibits and is often displayed in galleries and community exhibits in and around Winston-Salem, including the Sawtooth School for Visual Art’s gallery and shop. 

Artworks Exhibits:May 2019, May 2018, August 2017






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