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Mary Blackwell-Chapman
Unsettled: Human Migration in the 21st C.
Seth Moskowitz
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April 29 - May 26, 2018

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Tree Perceptions
by Lea Lackey-Zachmann
and This is Your Circus and
These Are Your Monkeys

by Jessica Tefft

Exhibition dates: April 4-28, 2018
Gallery Hop: Friday, April 6, 7-10 pm
Artists' Reception: Sunday, April 8, 2-4:00 pm

AZALEALea Lackey-Zachmann's painting and sculpture are about the exploration of trees.  Most of us have a story of an experience with a tree that involves some expansion of emotion or comprehension.  We often talk about them as if a mystery or special feeling is involved with the experience of trees.

Obviously, throughout history, trees have provided breath, held earth, offered fire and provide homes for mankind, but other perspectives are also possible.  Various ways that trees can be perceived is the inspiration for this exhibition. The focus is an attempt to exhibit an appreciation of trees.


heartlessThe new show by Jessica Tefft is entitled “This is Your Circus and These Are Your Monkeys”. Through the use of humorous paintings, collages and whimsical pieces Tefft examines our current social and political climate. She has been a photographer for more than 20 years. Her work has been featured in The Washington Post, The Washington Times, Los Angeles Times, and the Rocky Mountain News. She has covered the White House, presidential elections, breaking news, and traveled to places such as Cuba and the Alaskan wilderness. Tefft has won numerous awards for her work. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Wake Forest University, and is currently a member of Artwork’s Gallery.

LIVEOAK PINE Attached Images:
Lea Lackey-Zachmann, Azalea , acrylic on Dura lar
Lea Lackey-Zachmann  Live Oak, acrylic on Dura lar
Lea Lackey-Zachmann  Pine (detail) , acrylic on canvas
Jessica Tefft, Divider
Jessica Tefft, Fire Breather
Jessica Tefft, Heartless

fire breather divider


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