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James Gemma

James Gemma is showing works which explore the visual relationships among and between shapes and colors.  His work is intended to be interactive with the viewer, to allow for changing interpretations and shifting perceptions. While he regards his work as conceptually based, it also contains some elements of op-art. The works  are acrylic paintings on board, some with shaped or bas-relief surfaces. 

Mr. Gemma graduated with advanced degrees from The Ohio State University. After completing his career as a consumer research professional, he studied art and printmaking at Salem College and Wake Forest University. He also participated in multiple art workshops at Penland, the Huntington Museum of Art, and the Sawtooth Center for Visual Art. Mr. Gemma served four years as board member of Associated Artists of Winston Salem. As Marketing Chairperson of that group, he created the Practicing Artist Series of lectures and critiques, bringing the participation of nationally known artists to Winston-Salem.





Color Series

Color Series: Convergence #2


Artworks Exhibits: November 2018, November 2017, August 2014, July 2012, July 2011

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