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Marion Adams

"I consider myself, first and foremost, a colored pencil artist. It is the versatility of colored pencils that attracted me to the medium some 25 years ago. The method of applying multiple layers (sometimes ten or more) can produce translucent effects similar to the technique of glazing a painting. The wax in the pencil can be dissolved with a solvent and applied with a brush. Different values of a color can be laid down like a whisper, almost a fog of color or applied with heavy pressure, later to be polished for a burnished look. Even though a small work can take hours to complete, I love the detail that can be achieved with a sharp point. I also work in pastels and acrylics."

Marion Adams has taught art on the high school and college levels, as well as math and science. She received a Master’s degree in Art Education from Georgia State University and holds an undergraduate degree in art. Most recently she has been an exhibiting member of Bank of the Arts, Twin Rivers Artist Association, New Bern Artworks and Circle Ten Gallery while living near the coast of North Carolina. Her work was featured in Ann Kullburg's “Colored Pencil: Secrets for Success,” (Northlight Books, 2009). She has participated in many regional shows and has won several awards for her work.


Artworks Exhibits: September 2017, August 2018


Apples Boys
Jars Dogs

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