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Show -

Mike Foley

October 1 – 28, 2017

Gallery Hop: Friday, October 6, 7-10 p.m.

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Marion Adams: “FOOOD” and Kimberly Varnadoe: “Passage of Time, People and Place”

Exhibit dates:
August 27 – September 30, 2017

Sunday, September 17, 2 – 4 pm

Open for Gallery Hop:
Friday, September 1, 7 - 10 pm

Marion Adams: “FOOOD” – The love of junk food permeates our culture and Marion Adams serves up colorful renderings of cupcakes, ice cream and fast food in acrylic and colored pencil. In a cheerful Pop Art style, Adams has produced a collection of colorful paintings, drawings and small sculptures of food our culture loves. She exaggerates the size of her subjects to show how really beautiful food can be. Adams uses bold color and a graphic style. Consistent with the Pop Art style, the compositions are simple and background features non-existent. The focus is on color, shape and the subject itself.  The artist seeks to delight the viewer, evoking good memories, however simple.  

Marion Adams holds a MAed from Georgia State University and has been an exhibiting artist for 20 years.

Kimberly Varnadoe: “Passage of Time, People and Place” - Kimberly Varnadoe has long been influenced by time and abandoned spaces and recently has been interested in including the faces of people she has crossed paths with on her life journey. This exhibit has some familiar imagery, but also includes portraits of some of the people she has met on her travels, particularly to Ukraine and Ecuador.

Varnadoe is Professor of Art at Salem College and holds an MFA in Printmaking, a BFA in Painting and has explored a number of traditional and experimental photographic techniques.

Attached Images:
Marion Adams, “Cupcake”
Marion Adams, “Wonderbread”
Kimberly Varnadoe, “Ukraine Windows"
Kimberly Varnadoe, “Exuma Window"



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