ArtwG, and became a book designer and illustrator at John Blair Publishing in W-S. She co-founded a design and publications company, Messagemakers, in 1977. And she was chosen to be the Winston-Salem Artist of the Year in 2004 by the Sawtooth Center for Visual Art.

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Mona Wu and
Wendell Myers

April 26 - May 30
Gallery Hop : Friday, May 1, 7 –10 p.m.



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In Memory of
Nancy Hayes



In Memory of
Virginia Ingram



Alan Calhoun: "A State of Mine" and
Beverley Noyes: "Fragments and Shards"
April 1 - 25, 2015
River 2 imageReception / Gallery Hop: Friday, April 3, 7-10 PM.

Artworks Gallery presents two artists: Alan Calhoun, "A State of Mine," a black and white study of two areas of North Carolina that dominates the artist’s mind, art and spirit, and "Fragments and Shards,” works by Beverly Noyes consisting of abstract watercolors as a response to the human experience – a series of changing phases and events.                                                                    

Alan Calhoun calls North Carolina his “home state.” He grew up with its natural beauty and as an adult artist, learned to appreciate and capture the natural light. He says of his work, “I saw how the light in the mountains changed things around me as the seasons changed. As I drove through the mountains going to school I would experience the light changes and see the beauty that this area offers. Over the years I have had the privilege of photographing the light of the Outer Banks. I have worked the area during all the seasons and see how light changes the textures of what we see”.  

Calhoun presents these two North Carolina natural beauties in a study of black and white. He hopes the joy, peace and creative experiences he had while assembling this exhibition will transform the viewer into a “state of North Carolina mine and mind.”  

Shards II imageBeverly Noyes is exhibiting a series of abstract watercolors depicting fragments and shards that represent the changing phases and events that make up the human experience. Noyes is a native of Minnesota and has lived in Winston-Salem since 1971. She earned her MFA from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and a BS in Art Education from St. Cloud State University in Minnesota. She is an Exhibiting Member of Associated Artists of Winston-Salem and has been a member of Artworks Gallery since 1989.

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Alan Calhoun, “ River 2," black and white nature photography
Beverly Noyes, ”Shards II," watercolor


Artworks Gallery is deeply saddened by the passing of two of its longtime members: Nancy Hayes on January 15 and Virginia Ingram on January 22.

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