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June 4 -28, 2014

Mitzi Shewmake and Ted Hill

Gallery Hop : Friday, June 6, 7 –10 p.m.



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Mona Wu Ten Year Retrospective

April 27 – May 31, 2014
Meet the Artist at the Gallery Hop, Friday, May 2, 7 – 10 pm
Public Reception: Saturday, May 3, 2 – 5pm
Artist talk: "How My Woodcut Prints are Made", Sunday, May 25, 2 pm
(A small donation to the gallery is welcome.) Free and open to the public.

Salem Sugar MapleArtworks Gallery presents a ten-year retrospective of Mona Wu's work. (Unframed prints will be available for sale May 2, 3)

Mona Wu is showing her past and current works of prints and collages spanning ten years. Many of Mona's woodcuts include layered cross-grained prints and multi-block Japanese styled color prints. Others are complex etchings with aquatint and Chine collé applications. The major theme is taken from Nature's flora and fauna in local and far away places. In other works, Mona juxtaposes fragments of her prints, Chinese paintings, and calligraphy on backgrounds of decorative Japanese papers. The result is a richly Asian influenced tapestry of texture, tones, and colors, all in the medium of collage.

Summer SplendorA native of China, Mona came to the United States in 1971. She studied Chinese painting and calligraphy in Hong Kong. In 1996 Mona received her BA in Art History from Salem College. Since 1997 she has been studying printmaking at Wake Forest University. She incorporates her painting, calligraphy, and printmaking into her collage work. She has been exhibiting her various works at Artworks Gallery every year since 2004. Mona was selected as Winston-Salem Sawtooth Center for Visual Art “Artist of the Year“ in 2003. She is currently teaching Chinese painting, printmaking, and collage workshops at the center.

Click image for a larger view
Mona Wu, "Salem Sugar Maple", cross-grained woodcut print, 30" x 40"
Mona Wu, "Summer Splendor (Lotus)", multi-block woodcut print, 10" x 12"

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