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Show -

April 2 – 26, 2014

Chris Flory and Kick Kuch

Opening Reception: Friday, April 4,
7 –10 p.m.


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Don Green and Lea Lackey-Zachmann

March 5 – 29, 2014
Meet the Artists at the Gallery Hop,
Friday, March 7, 7 – 10 pm

Artworks Gallery presents a two-person exhibit by Don Green and Lea Lackey-Zachmann.

Dragon sculptureDon Green is showing sculpture and abstract expressionist paintings. His work is influenced by Nature with organic forms derived from plants. He explains: "My art has always been inspired by nature: erosion, wear, rust and decay.The materials I work with are stone,wood, and naturally oxidized steel. My forms are generally organic, inspired by trees or details of them, hills and valleys, rocks, roots, streams, and rivers. This past year in my sculpture I have been more concerned with a more open, lighter series of forms than in earlier exhibits."

Green received his MFA from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, in 1966; his BFA from the Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, Illinois in 1964, and his Advertising Art Degree from the American Academy of Art in Chicago in 1956. He was Art Director/Designer and Manager of Creative Services at the Russell Agency in Winston-Salem, and Art Director at Ad Impact, Inc., in High Point. From 1966-1977 he founded and was Chair of the Art Department at Methodist College in Cumberland County, NC.

Door paintingLackey-Zachmann is showing paintings, prints, video, and small sculpture based on an exploration of the influences and interrelationships that exist between Nature and ourselves. She explains: "In my use of paintings derived from photomicrographs of plants, and sculpture incorporating plant materials, the show attempts to explore or suggest the other-than-visual relationships which exist between the human and the plant kingdoms."

Lackey-Zachmann received her MFA in painting and her Graduate Teacher Certification in Art Education from UNC-G, and her BA in Art from Winthrop College in Rock Hill, SC. She has been an artist all of her adult life and continues to teach art at High Point University as an adjunct faculty member. Having spent more time "outside than inside" in her youth, Lackey-Zachmann continues her experiential communication with plants and animals.

Click image for a larger view
Don Green, "Dragon Dagger Dance", corten steel brazed with brass, 19" high
Lea Lackey-Zachmann, "Door", acrylic on canvas, 39" x 48"

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