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Show -

April 2 - 27

Lucy Spencer
Drew Mash

Opening Reception: Friday, April 5
7 - 10 p.m.



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Metaphor by Don GreenDon Green Solo Exhibit
February 26 - March 30, 2013

Meet the Artist:
Friday, March 1, Gallery Hop, 7 - 10pm

Artworks Gallery presents a one-person exhibit by Don Green. He is showing several new sculptures of corten steel combined with EPS Foam, bonding cement, and paint as well as drawings inspired by Nature. He explains: "I am especially intrigued by growth and regeneration, death and decay, new plants growing from decaying old trees, soil and rocks eroding, steel rusting, and wood greying and weathering." In his work he wants it to be obvious that it was made by a human who is very much affected and moved by the environment in which we all exist.

Green tells a story of walking with his daughter and granddaughters on a wooded trail in Pennsylvania where they came upon an ancient maple 8' in diameter with broken branches scattered about. The ground was clear around it indicating that many people had stopped there to marvel at this noble old "creature of nature". He would like to think that his landscape sculpture functions in a similar way for viewers.

Green was born and raised in Chicago where he went to the American Academy of Art, then spent 3 years in commercial art and two in the Army before he decided he really wanted to teach art. He has a BFA in art from Illinois Wesleyan University, and an MFA in sculpture from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. He came to NC in 1966 to establish an art department at what is now Methodist University. When he left MU he moved to Winston-Salem and worked for 6 years as an art director at the Russell Agency.

Click on image for a larger view.
"Metaphor", corten steel and cement, 78" x 30" x 28"

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