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October 2-27
Cindy Taplin
Chris Flory
Alan Calhoun

Friday, October 5
7 - 10 pm



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"Three Women, Three Visions"
Betty Pettinati-Longinotti, Emily Drew Mash, and Beverly Noyes
Sept. 4 - 29, 2012

Meet the Artists at the Gallery Hop: Friday, September 7, 7 - 10 pm

Artworks Gallery presents a three-person exhibit entitled, "Three Women: Three Visions with mixed media paintings by Betty Pettinati-Longinotti, drawings and prints by Emily Drew Mash, and watercolors by Beverly Noyes.

Homage to GeorgiaBetti Pettinati-Longinotti explains her pieces: "embracing the mission of the Guerrilla Girls, a feminist art group fighting for the rights of women artists, past and present, this investigation of work seeks to recognize and celebrate the contributions of these ‘she-roes’. Specifically my "Homage to Georgia" grows out of a seductive fixation on women artists whose lives were muted by the hegemony of their male dominated world. Through a relationship of biographical and visual dialogue, a maternal meta-narrative is conceived. New synergies are crafted from both opaque and transparent structures through expressions in drawing, painting, photomontage, and works in glass. Working with multi media redefines pre-conceived connotations of what a painting, drawing or collage might be. The conception through a hybrid of material, metaphor and the figurative subject envelop an unwritten life-story."

Longinotti has been designing and producing glass art since an apprenticeship in 1977-78. She received a BFA from the Maryland Institute, College of Art and her MA from the University of the Arts/ Philadelphia, 1987, in Art Education with a studio major in Glass; and most recently an MFA in the Visual Arts from the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University, June 2012. She has been a member of Artworks Gallery since October 2011.

NoonEmily Drew Mash studied printmaking at WFU and has been exhibiting locally for several years. Most of her work combines elements of nature, science, and religion. Her current series is titled "Redeeming the Time." The theme, which comes from the book of Ephesians, encourages one to buy up or use every opportunity in life. These pieces are mixtures of hand pulled monoprints, painting, and quick sketch-like drawings which add a sense of energy and urgency to the series.

Beverly Noyes's series was inspired by the shape of the tea pot and its relationship to other related objects. She found the shapes and subtle colors created by light changes and perspective changes to be an interesting subject to paint. Using watercolor as her medium in a slightly different way proved to be an added challenge to this series.

Candlelight TeaA native of Minnesota, she has lived in Winston-Salem since 1971. She earned an MFA from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and a BS in Art Education from St. Cloud State University in Minnesota. She taught painting at the Sawtooth Center for Visual Arts in Winston-Salem throughout the 1990’s. She is an exhibiting member of Associated Artists of Winston-Salem and has been a member of Artworks Gallery since 1989. Her work has been on exhibit in the area, around the state, and the country for the past 25 years.

Click on image for a larger view.
Betty Pettinati-Longinotti, "Homage to Georgia", mixed media ptg., 3' x 5'
Emily Drew Mash, "Noon", monoprint, 12" x 18"
Beverly Noyes, "Candlelight Tea", watercolor, 16" x 20"

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