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July 3 - 28
Mona Wu and
Jim Gemma

Friday, July 6
7 - 10 pm



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"Revise and Revisit"
Inez Ruchte and Kimberly Varnadoe
May 29 - June 30, 2012

Meet the Artists at the Gallery Hop : Friday, June 1, 7 - 10pm
Reception: Sunday, June 3, 2 - 4 pm

AbbayeArtworks Gallery presents a two-person exhibit entitled, "Revise and Revisit" with black and white photographs by Inez Ruchte and photographic intaglio prints using polaroid emulsion lifts by Kimberly Varnadoe.

Ruchte's work consist of a few kaleidoscopic images and black and white photographs from her travels to France, Russia, Ireland, Norway, England and the American West. She is a self taught photographer, with a little help from her father who put a darkroom in the basement for her when she was 14 years old. She still uses a very old camera, and has the film negatives scanned for printing. She has had photographs accepted at most local competitions.

Varnadoe’s work draws on past imagery, revisiting each with new application and technique. “I was lucky to shoot a roll of 35mm film 30 years ago that has provided images I have used over and over again in different ways.” Those familiar with Varnadoe’s work will recognize some of the recurring imagery presented in new formats with new context. She is exhibiting works that incorporate experimental photography and intaglio printmaking, employing imagery from a photo shoot years ago.

Long Garden Doorway imageKimberly Varnadoe received her BFA in Painting from the University of South Alabama and her MFA in Printmaking from the University of Memphis. She has worked with experimental photography techniques for more than 30 years with emphasis on photo-printmaking and Polaroid emulsion lifts, often combining the two mediums. She recently participated in her first international exhibit in Shanghai, China as an invited member of the Washington Printmakers Gallery in an exhibition titled Contemporary American Printmaking in April of 2012.




Click on image for a larger view.
Inez Ruchte, "Abbaye de Fontroide, Narbonne, France", b & w photograph, 8 1/2" x 12 1/2"
Kimberly Varnadoe, "Long Garden Doorway w/ Veil", intaglio w/ chine colle


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