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March 30 - April 24

Friday, April 2
7 - 10 pm

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Alan Calhoun and Nanu Lindgren LaRosee

Exhibit dates: March 2 - March 27, 2010
Reception: Sunday, March 14, 2 - 4 p.m.

Artworks gallery presents a two-person exhibit with Alan Calhoun showing a series of photographs of trucks entitled "Timeless II", and with Nanu Lindgren LaRosee showing small acrylic on paper paintings entitled "Shards", involving small irregular views taken from tiny drawings of scenes in downtown W-S and her neighborhood.

Alex Calhoun photoDuring his thirty years in commercial photography, Alan Calhoun won a number of national awards: A Gold Quell for annual report photography, an Award of Excellence for photography from The Communicator, and a number of awards from the PPNC photographers. He has since opened his own studio, allowing him to concentrate more on his fine art photography. With this “Timeless” series, Mr. Calhoun says: "I have been able to take all of the elements I strive for in my photography to make art that moves people. I feel that it shows there is beauty in everything, even in old rusty trucks. You just have to take the time to look for it."

Nanu LaRosee explains her process that led to this series entitled "Shards": "A friend was cleaning out her office and came upon a stack of unneeded index cards. She offered them Nanau LaRosse :Magnolia Tree"to me, and I took them without knowing what I would use them for. I kept them in my workbag until one day when I dug them out so I could quickly jot down a drawing during my lunch hour. These quick drawings became a regular practice for me. I could rapidly take down a view or landscape in front of me, without there being any pressure about creating a serious drawing. Soon I had a nice little deck of cards. Because of their small scale and rapid execution, these drawings had an unfinished, fragmentary feel to them. I decided to expand on them by adding color and increasing the size, yet trying to maintain the sense of them being pieces of something larger, like shards that could be placed back together."

Ms. LaRosee received her MLS from Appalachian State University in 2006, and her BFA in Nanu LaRosee "Snowy Field"Painting from Washington University in St.Louis in 1984. In 1992 she received an Emerging Artist Grant from the Arts Council of W-S.

The opening reception is Sunday, March 14, 2-4pm

The exhibit and reception are free and open to the public.


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