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Ed Shewmake

Look for a special exhibit in memory of Founding Member Ed Shewmake in February 2009

Upcoming Show

Alix Hitchcock and
Nelida Otero Flatow

October 28- November 29, 2008

Friday, November 3 ,
7 - 10 pm

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"Fragmented" by Nancy Hayes and Mona Wu

Exhibit dates: September 30 - October 25, 2008
Reception: Sunday, October 5, 2 - 4 p.m.

Artworks Gallery is presenting a two-person exhibit: "Fragmented," with oil paintings by Nancy Hayes and paper collages by Mona Wu.Dwell Image

Nancy Hayes, a 20-year member of Artworks, returns to interests that define her lifelong love of art: animals, figures, and multimedia. Her passion for animals is the central theme of much of her work in recent years, with particular focus on the interaction of climate change and human intrusion into the natural order. She again revisits these themes with humor, joy, and a touch of anxiety. The building blocks are photographs, emphasizing the real-world nature of her subjects, which are initially staged as a collage. These collages then serve as a lens, focusing the story from the artist’s mind's eye and ultimately rendered in oil. The collage framework allows a complex interplay between pieces of reality, broken then reassembled, telling stories on canvas with a dreamlike quality. The collages themselves, the lenses for focusing the story, are also provided.

Nancy is originally from Atlanta, Georgia, but is a 30 year resident of Winston-Salem. She has a BA from the University of Georgia in English, and a BFA from Univ. of NC at Greensboro. Her education has been supplemented and influenced by many local teachers and courses.

Monu Wu CollageMona Wu is showing her paper collages. Since 1996, Mona has been a printmaker in etching, lithography, and woodcuts. Working with an abundant amount of hand-printed materials accumulated through the years, along with the Chinese painting and calligraphy work she periodically produced, Mona has formed a unique style of collage. This harmonic blend of line, form, color, and texture reveals her cultural heritage and artistic vision.

Mona is a native of China who came to Winston-Salem in 1974. She received a bachelor's degree in Art History from Salem College in 1996. She studied under David Faber of Wake Forest University in printmaking for many years. Mona was the Artist of the Year in 2003 for the Sawtooth Center for Visual Art. She has taught many classes in Chinese painting, calligraphy, and simple printmaking at Salem College Community Center, Sawtooth Center, and Reynolda House Museum of American Art, and other locations.Fragmented

The opening reception is Sunday, October 5, 2-4pm.

The exhibit is free and open to the public.


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