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Upcoming Show

Holiday Exhibition

November 20-December 29

Reception: Friday, December 7, 7-10 pm

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Alix Hitchcock, Nelida Otero-Flatow, and Holly Wilbur

Works by Hitchcock, Otero-Flatow and Wilbur

Exhibit dates: October 16 - November 17, 2007
Reception: Friday, November 2, 2007 (Gallery Hop)

Artworks Gallery is presenting a three-person exhibit with Alix Hitchcock, encaustic paintings, Nelida Otero-Flatow, "Counting Crows Series" monoprints, and Holly Wilbur, "Moments of Play" photographs.

The opening reception is Friday, November 2, 7 - 10 PM, coinciding with the Gallery Hop in the Arts District.

The reception and exhibit are free and open to the public.

Alix Hitchcock is showing encaustic on wood pieces created by melting beeswax with color pigments and applying the hot wax onto wood panels to create the imagery. The surface cures to a hard finish. Incorporating figures or other recognizable images in an abstraced space, Ms. Hitchcock's pieces use textures and layers of mystery to seduce the viewer to look further. Ms. Hitchcock teaches drawing at Wake Forest University. She received her MA in painting from New York University and her BFA in painting and printmaking from the Univ. of NC at Greensboro.

Nelida Otero-Flatow is showing "The Counting Crows Series" of monoprints. "

"(These) resulted from a primal reaction I had, upon discovering Santa Fe, a few years ago. This discovery may be news to the Spaniards who initially lay claim to and named this enerable old city, but I felt an immediate affinity with it. Perhaps it was the preponderance of Spanish names or the fact that an entire county in New Mexico bore my last name, Otero, but I felt at home, as if I had lived there before. This is strange because I am from a Caribbean island and usually miss the sea when I'm far from it. I was in Santa Fe working at the Institute of American Indian Arts, experimenting with different methods of layering and veiling monoprints. It was January and I was totally unprepared for the cold blast coming from the mountains. The air was crystalline crisp and the sky an impossible blue. The mountains were purple and white and an ox blood red that caused them to be named "Sangre de Cristo." Perched everywhere were enormous, gleaming lue-black crows. They appeared impervious to the icy wind as they circled the sky. The crows looked down on me as I struggled with my work and mocked me as they cawed incessantly. Involuntarily, words from the music of Counting Crows, a group played constantly by my daughter and husband, kept passing through my head. Somehow both insinuated themselves into the images and a series emerged."

The monoprints are a combination of layered images and direct painting with oil based inks on plexiglass. Chine Collé is incorporated in the printing process, helping to create the layers and veils evident in the final images.

Holly Wilbur is showing black and white photographs. She began falling in love with the camera around age seven. She first used a 110 point-and-shoot that belonged to her grandfather before moving on to a 35mm SLR which she used to photograph her sister's birth twenty-seven years ago. Throughout the years, her passion has intensified; in recent years, with the emergence of high-quality digital cameras, her favorite part of the photographic process has been brought to light: capturing the image. With the digital, the ability to shoot four to five hundred images in an outing expands the possibility of getting something magical, whether it be sunlight ablaze on a concrete building downtown, or the kids running in the backyard at twilight.



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