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Alix Hitchcock, "Natural Strings"
and Mona Wu, "A Fan Fair"

Exhibition dates: June 30 - July 27, 2019
Gallery Hop: Friday, July 5, 7 - 10 pm
Opening Reception: Sunday, July 14, 2 - 5 pm

Alix Hitchcock is showing new gelatin plate monotype prints that refer to natural interactions between "string" or thread like mycelium underground growth connections and the surrounding life of flora and fauna above ground, as well as other human/nature entanglements. A silhouette format for the images enables Hitchcock to create layers of transparency, ambiguous spatial relationships, and recognizable but still mysterious forms – leading to colorful, movement filled compositions.

Hitchcock received her Masters in Art in painting from New York University and her Bachelor in Fine Arts in printmaking and painting from the Univ. of NC in Greensboro. She was the Winston-Salem Artist of the Year in 1998, and is a founding member of Artworks Gallery. She was an Instructor in Drawing at Wake Forest University from 1989 to Dec., 2012, when she retired. She has also taught art at Salem College, the Univ. of North Carolina School of the Arts, The Sawtooth Center for Visual Arts, the NC Center for the Advancement of Teaching, Mitchell Community College, East Carolina University, The Reynolds Homestead, Reynolda House Museum of American Art, and the Weatherspoon Museum of Art. Alix Hitchcock is in many private collections as well as public collections,   

A native of China, Mona Wu immigrated to US in 1970. She studied Chinese painting and calligraphy in Hong Kong. Mona received her BA in Art History from Salem College in 1996. She also studied Printmaking at WFU as an auditor from 1997 -2014.

Mona was selected as Sawtooth School Winston-Salem Artist-of-the-Year in 2003. She became a member of Artworks Gallery in the same year. Mona teaches Printmaking, collage, and Chinese painting at Sawtooth School of Visual Art.

In her newest woodcut series “A Fan Fair”, Mona Wu goes back to her Chinese artistic roots. Painting on shape of a fan was a common practice throughout Chinese art history. In this series Mona uses four seasons as the theme, applied on familiar every day floral objects. In traditional paintings, however, the handle of the fan was usually absent. Various techniques such as reduction, multi-blocks, single block, and Chine colle are used on Shina and mahogany plywood boards.

Attached Images:
Alix Hitchcock “In the Mix”, gelatin print
Mona Wu, “Ginkgo in Summer”, Woodcut

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