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Barbara Rizza Mellin, “Ciao! Italy”  and Seth Moskowitz, “Voyeur! discovering hidden beauty”

Exhibition dates: Sunday, April 28, through Saturday, June 1, 2019
Reception and Gallery Talk Sunday, May 5, 1:30 – 3:30 pm
Open for Gallery Hop: Friday, May 3, 7 - 10 pm

Visitors to the May exhibition at Artworks Gallery on Trade Street will experience a vicarious trip to Italy. Ciao! Italy features original linocut prints and oil paintings by  Barbara Rizza Mellin.  The artwork was inspired by Mellin’s recent trip to Italy with her husband, Bruce, to celebrate their 50thanniversary. The couple, who had been to Italy before, wanted to revisit some of their favorite places and to discover new locations. In addition to iconic images of Florence, Venice and Rome, Mellin says, she “tried to capture the essence of Italy with pictures of Tuscan farms and vineyards, outdoor trattorias, and Italy’s unique scenery.” Visitor will see linocut print of Venice canals, Siena rooftops, the parasol pine trees of Rome, and the colorful houses of Burano Island.

  Mellin, who holds degree in art history from Harvard, loves to modify traditional art techniques for contemporary audiences, using non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials. Her linocuts include multicolored reduction and white-line prints, some created on her studio press, others printed by hand.

  Originally from the Boston area, Mellin now lives in Winston Salem, where she has a home studio and a small press. She writes about arts and travel for local, national, and international publications.

Seth Moskowitz, defines his most recent work,VOYEUR:From the French. Literally, “one who watches; one who sees.” An observer, if you will. As commonly used, the word takes on a very different tone. But we don’t need to hide in bushes or peep through keyholes to see sights that stir the senses. We need only open our eyes and witness the wonders that surround us every day. Look. See. Imagine. Behold! Beauty abounds. Hidden in plain sight, there to be discovered by the watchful eye.

  Seth Moskowitzis a North-Carolina based artist who creates and combine photographic images into artworks that rarely resemble the images they contain. “I’m not interested in producing pictures that mirror what I see,” he says. “I love to layer and alter and play with the images I capture – and watch with wonder as the interplays of shape, texture and tone transform them into emotional vignettes that speak to the viewer in a language beyond words.”

Attached Images:
Barbara Mellin, Rustic Farm(Marostica), Oil on canvas
Barbara Mellin, Chianti Grapes, 6-color reduction linocut
  Seth Moskowitz, Blue Venus,Digital manipulated photography
Seth Moskowitz, Fiesta,Digital manipulated photography

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